Get started with my super fun, REAL, birthing class today in the comfort of your own home.

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THE ULTIMATE ONLINE BIRTHING CLASS by Amelia Lamont (The Midwife Mumma)

$55 AUD


It covers EVERYTHING you need to know about your upcoming birth.

Labour & Birth

Planned Caesarean Section 

Post birth PLUS loadssss more! 

This is a REAL birthing class. The nitty. The gritty. The truth.


I went into my birth feeling completely prepared for what lay ahead. I had an induction with Tommy and I didn't have that fear that I once did and I really owe it to Amelia.

Megan Pratt

I actually enjoyed every part of my planned caesarian. This course completely prepared me and honestly it was a super fun relaxed day.

Emily Cordova

7 years between babies and all we needed was this light hearted course to remind me of what is to come. Was lovely to not have to venture out at 34 weeks pregnant either.

Toni & Gerry